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TAIWAN EXPO 2019 in Malaysia


Paper straws
Paper straws

Paper straws

CHIEN HUA PAPER PIPE focus on paper tube &amp for many years, from the production of chemical fiber paper tube. In 2017 create the SUGONG brand, for Taiwan's first company cut into the food paper straw leader. Also the first pulp dyeing technology made of special black, dark green straw. Customized printing straw for the exclusive patent process, by Europe imported food grade water-based ink printing and translucent. water-resistant parchment coating, protection of printing ink is not easy to decolorization.

Echoing the Indian government's clean India plan, CHIEN HUA PAPER PIPE’s  paper straw has no plastic film, no chemical coating, no fluorescent agent, and pass the United States FDA,  European Union Standard, Japan JP, Taiwan TW announcement of food container packaging regulatory standards. This products recyclable by biological and decomposition back to the earth, can solved plastic problems.

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