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Vampire Shield solar film

Vampire Shield solar film

We are experts in solving the problem of heat insulation for you. We have patents  related to thermal insulation materials and applications more than 40 countries in the world and the European Union.  Make good use of sun protection and thermal insulation technology to help reduce air conditioning electricity and lighting usage to achieve environmental greening balance.

Vampire Shield solar film has patents in insulating materials and production methods to produce high quality solar film. The insulating materials’ long-term non-decaying properties enable the solar film to block infrared rays and 100% UV rays while allowing visible light to pass through.


We apply professional heat insulation materials for plastic substrates to create a wide width shielding film to solve the film width limitation that can be used for large glass, and to reduce costs. It can achieve UV blocking and high efficiency heat insulation without sacrificing invincible beautiful view.



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