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W House
W House

Customized Waste House( W House); iTrash

With 20 years of professional capability and abundant experience in design and assembly, we provide the most cutting-edge and total-solution environmental equipment and service for the real estate developers.
We aim to advocate for green building concerning environmental improvement and reducing carbon emissions through waste management.


Customized Waste House( W House) with patented energy-saving cooling system can totally prevent pests and disease vectors to grow and diminish unpleasant odor while reducing power consumption by 30%. Patented automatic disposal gate provides zero-touched and the safest solution for habitants. Compressing device enhances the capacity of dumpsters and provides more efficient space usage.


Combined with the features and benefits of Waste House, iTrash provides an advanced IoT model with standard dimension. With more sensors inside and cloud based management platform, iTrash provides a more efficient, transparant and fair charge mechanism to both habitants and garbage clean-up companies by capacity-full notification and weighting systems.


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