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Peach Series G1 144 cells
Peach Series M6 144 cells
Glory Peach Series M6 144 cells

United Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd

Vera Tsai Sales Director

Tel: +886-2-2656-2000 ext. 58311

Company Profile

United Renewable Energy Co., Ltd (called ‘URE’) is founded in Taiwan and has been processing the vertical integration of solar business including solar cells, modules and systems. We keep making progress on technology development of PERC and Heterojunction (HJT), which has been applied to bifacial and half-cut products; and high quality stability for solar cells and modules by vertical integration for branding. Besides, URE has operated solar system successfully in years and experienced in developing, establishing and financial engineering for sure. As a pioneer in industry, URE will keep focusing on developing renewable energy potentials, especially in the area of energy storage and fulfilling clients’ demands to become as a prominent provider offering the best total solution.


URE is dedicated to build a world-call solar enterprise as a role model in the world. We endeavor to lead the renewable energy industry in Taiwan to the world; furthermore, we strive for bringing up the surrounding industries in Taiwan to grow up sturdily and boost the importance of environment protection.


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