Baron's Double Rooms, Baron's Rooms for Four

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Baron's Double Rooms, Baron's Rooms for Four
Environmental Performance:

Aspire Resort received“ Eco-friendly Hotel” certification in 2013. The hotel is equipped with eco-friendly rooms and numerous eco-friendly features, including: 1.No disposable toiletries are provided in the guestrooms. Every year, the average number of people supporting and participating in the “Green Go” initiative over 25,000, more than 100,000 sets of toiletries have been saved.2.Traditional boilers have been replaced with heat pumps (heat energy recovery exchanger system) to supply hot water to the swimming pool, SPA and guestrooms. This saves 163 tons in carbon emissions every year.3.Energy and water-saving, dual flush toilets, faucets and shower nozzles with environmental labels have been installed, along with eco-friendly shampoo, shower gel, lighting fixtures and TV. This saves 130 tons in carbon emissions every year. 4.A 20.16kwp solar power system has been installed to supply 22,500kWh of power annually, cutting carbon emissions by 12 tons. 5.Dynamic ice storage system air conditioners are installed, cutting power consumption by about 63%. As a result, power consumption and carbon emissions are reduced by 230,000 kWh and 123 tons respectively, every year.

Product Performance:

The rooms are located on the 3rd, 5th and 6th floors. In order to ensure all the guests have a enjoyable stay, every room is well-equipped with desks, spring mattresses, warm and fluffy down beddings, bedside cabinets, a coffee table by the windows, a telephone, a cable television, a drinking machine providing hot and cold water. Every room has an en-suite and a hair-dryer. There is also internet plugged in every room so that you won't miss any emails no matter you are on a business trip or on vocation. You can also keep in touch with people around the world. The prices include a buffet breakfast to revitalize your day. Guests are welcome to use all the leisure equipments on the B1 floor at free of charge, including indoor swimming pool and SPA, gym, bicycle, wii game console, table tennis/pool etc.. We also provide laundry and taxi service (both with extra charges). In order to treasure the earth, we seek your coordination the green movement of reducing disposable personal items. Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, razor, slippers and bath cap are not provided in the Resort.

Aspire Resort
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