Bicycle Wheel Rim

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Bicycle Wheel Rim
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SHOCK ABSORPTION: Preventing the rebound no matter in rugged, bumpy, or rough roads and making your riding comfortable. LOW WIND RESISTANCE: Traditional bicycle rim always bring some uncertain volume of wind resistance when spinning. The bike will start decelerating immediately if you stop pedaling. "UNI WHEEL" is designed according to the Centrifugal Force and windmill theory. While riding, "UNI WHEEL" will keep cycling and moving on even the pedaling stopped and not decelerates right away. When in riding, it will be faster, easier and also accelerate the speed. VARIOUS COLORS: Color your bike with more colors to choose from and more combinations to make.SIZE: 26"x1.5"~2.35" (559x18) MATERIAL: ALUMINUM MAGNESIUM ALLOY ASSEMBLY: BEARING AXLE: FRONT: M9X100X108 W/Q.R. REAR: M10X135X145 8SP CASSETTE SPROCKETS W/Q.R. M10X135X145 9SP CASSETTE SPROCKETS W/Q.R. COLOR: POWDER COATING RED, YELLOW, BLUE, BLACK, WHITE / CNC Weight: front 1250g & rear 1400g
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