Built-In Swing Mechanism Of Rotary Fan

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Built-In Swing Mechanism Of Rotary Fan
Environmental Performance:

This fan utilises a specially designed , high-speed Seagull-Wing shaped fan blade, having a low air-resistance and delivering a comfortable natural breeze. The specially -designed fan guard has a World-Wide patent with unique 360°Orbital control which increases air circulation by 40% while maintaining quietness. The light-weight fan blade with Patented Invention Awards for the 360°Orbital technology, helps to bring World energy-savings & contributes to a green environment. A unique, specially-designed durable motor which requires no lubrication, also adds to longer life.

Product Performance:

The concealed rotary fan includes a rotary vane, a drive motor and a base , the drive motor is assembled into the base, the first end of the drive motor with the revolving shaft can be assembled onto a front support in a rotary state. The second end of the drive motor is fitted with a crank link, the first end of which can be driven to make the second end rotate , the second end is screwed onto a pivot point on to the base, when the revolving shaft of the drive motor rotates, the second end of the crank link will rotate synchronously, enabling the drive motor and revoling shaft to rotate axially and obliguely along with the rotary vane, thus, the rotary fan allows automatic change of the outlet direction through the axial rotation of the rotary vane , the outlet area being expanded to improve the actual applicability.

King Jih Enterprise Corp.
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