Cape Goldsun Fiber Cement Board

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Cape Goldsun Fiber Cement Board
Environmental Performance:
*It is guaranteed that the product does not contain asbestosorany kind of material which is harmful to humanbodyor environment.
*The product is well performed though contains a percentage of the EPA permitted industry waste or recycled product waste collected from the construction site.
*At the product manufacturing plant, there is zero discharge of process water or other waste materials, all processes are environment friendly designed to minimize the environment impact.
Product Performance:
* Noise Reduction:According to "Mass Low"principle, the higher themass, the better reduction. A range of mass per unit area products, meet the highest acoustic requirement. Depending on thethickness andits components, thesystemcan reachas high as Rw64dB in noise reduction.
* FireRating:Certified 1 -2 hoursfire rating to most international standards.
* Resistant to Moisture:Due to its cementite nature, the product is applicable to anywet condition.
* Strength:High flexure strength, impact resistance and durability.
* Workability:Easy to handle and install.
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