Compisite wood flooring

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Compisite wood flooring
Environmental Performance:
*Be different from solid flooring, from aspect of natural resource, saves more solid timbers and presents amiable flooring look with more options.
*Acquiring Health Green Building Certificate of Taiwan. The factory is certified by ISO14001, ISO9001, and built with VOCs free process. The formaldehyde emission is qualified E0 standard.
Product Performance:
*Multi-layers structure
*ASTM 30000 up turns of abrasion resistance test referred to ASTM standard
*E0 Formaldehyde emission
*Wide size: 14.7mm(T)×176/147mm(W)×1818mm(L)
*2 kinds of embossed surface
*6 up options for colors and grains
*CNS certificate and MIT certificate
San Shiah Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Available in: Taiwan、Asia、
Product Model:
Product Classification:
Environ. Characteristic: