De-formaldehy Coating

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De-formaldehy Coating
Environmental Performance:
*The product contains no lead, mercury or cadmium.
* Non-solvent based green product.
* Hazard free water based de-formaldehyde formulation certified by SGS with ability to reduce 99% of formaldehyde in 60 minutes.
* The product is safe to use for human certified by Germany Bioservice Lab.
Product Performance:
* Effectively decompose formaldehyde from plywood.
* 100% made from non-toxic ingredients.
* Highly concentrated water based de-formaldehyde formulation.
* One layer of coating leads a long-lasting performance. Save time and labor.
* No damage to applied surface or inner structure.
* The ability to kill bacteria and mold.
* Remove urine odor from wood.
1. Applied on all kinds of plywood.
2. Applied on interior walls before paintings.
3. Applied on walls to be attached with wallpaper.
Taiwan Hopax Chems. Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Available in: Taiwan、
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