Eco-Far Infrared Radiation Blanket (Large/ Regular)

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Eco-Far Infrared Radiation Blanket (Large/ Regular)
Environmental Performance:
*Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO17025, and Laboratory Accreditation certified.
* Awards: the National Environmental Education Award, Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Medium-sized Enterprises Award, CSR (Ministry of Economic) Award, SME’s Administration Award (Ministry of Economic Affairs), Annual Enterprises Environmental Protection Award, Taipei Highlight Corporation Award, Eco-Products International Fair Award, GCCA Later Stage Award (Global Top 10 & Best in Waste Management), 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award, and Golden Pin Design Award. 
Product Performance:
*Eco Far- Infrared Ray Blanket made by micro fiber, moreover, it feels soft and keeps body warm effectively.
DA.AI Technology’s ideal is make more people know about the importance of environmental protection. By our product, sending the idea of environmental protection and coexisting with the earth.
Available in: Taiwan、China、Hong Kong、USA、Japan、Singapore、Philippines、Malaysia、Thailand、Indonesia、Australia、Europe、North America、Central America、Oceania
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Environ. Characteristic: