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Electronic Parts Audio
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We manufacture machined parts from all metals and engineering plastics, using CNC Laths and Milling machines specializing in simple turned components to complex parts turned and milled in one setup in volumes from 1 off to 5000+.

  • Capability: Machining , Casting, Stamping, Punching. The CNC lathe is equiped with PCD cutter to process the work piece of  o3mm ~ o250mm outer diameter. 1 ~ 600mm long, with accuracy +0.005mm.
  • Main Material: Aluminium Alloy, Stainless Steel, copper alloy and other non-metal materials.
  • We also provide: Surface treatments ( includes Anodizing , Black oxidation, Heat treatments, Sand Blasting, Painting, Plating and Laser Engraving), assembly of products, assist customer to develop, produce and assemble all kinds of machineries and components.
  • Customer design & small quantity accepted.
  • Satisfield quality, reliable delivery and reasonable price.
  • Samples available upon request.

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