Energy controller and web/infrared remote control air-conditioning energy-saving module

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Energy controller and web/infrared remote control air-conditioning energy-saving module
Environmental Performance:
*Power-saving / Efficiency / A complete operating system We provide energy-saving and power management system : ECO5 Power Monitor, ECO3 Energy Controller, ECO-IR IR Remote Control Module.
* Use with ECO3 and ECO-IR, you can set the time to control the time and temperature of each electrical equipment. It's easy and convenient to help you make an efficient energy-saving environment.
Product Performance:
ECO-5 power controller Friendly operate Interface 1.Measure 10 area of power state, 7" true color monitor with touch function, friendly Icon display and easy to understand and use. 2.Graphic trends to show power and predictive value of demand, easy to check the power consuming. 1.ECO-IR is design for infrared remote control air-conditioning energy-saving module. 2. 4 Control Function: turn on, turn off, fan only, cooling., and with temperature control and measurement of current. Avoid unnecessary wasting and to maintaining a comfortable living space. 3.It's easy to install. Do not need modify the equipment, saving construction costs and to avoid making errors of modification. 4.Standalone running or run with ECO3 by communication via RS-485. You can set 15 parts of time, control temperature properly and record the electricity consumption datas. 5.Each module can be individually switch and control the temperaturethe of the air conditioner. 6.ECO-IR has separate control system. It's easy to expand and make an ideal power-saving environment.
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