Environmental Sack Pack

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Environmental Sack Pack
Environmental Performance:
* The Recycle PET yarn, made from consumed PET bottle, advantages to reduce the burden of the earth due to the accumulation of waste.
* The features of Recycle PET yarn, the same as polyester yarn, include durability and color fastness.
* Green Mark certificate issued by the government.
Product Performance:
The recycled fiber yarn is a kind of product made from recycled PET bottles through complicated process, such as classifying, washing, cutting, drying, melting and spinning. Then the yarn needs to be processed through spinning - warping - weaving embryo - dyeing –gumming or PU. The process can be customized.
1. The body of section linen pocket consists of 50% green yarn and 50% jute and the accessory, the handles, made from 100% environment friendly yarn. Yarn possesses several environmental characteristics, such as tenacity, texture and lightness.
2. The features of Jute fiber:
* Biodegradable and recyclability
* Environment friendly
* High tensile strength
* Low ductility
* Well waterproof performance.
EcoMax Textile Co., Ltd.
Available in: Taiwan、China、Hong Kong、USA、Japan、Asia、Europe、North America、Central America、South America、
Product Model:
NE08SS- 042-S、NE08SS- 064-S、NE08SS- 013-S
Product Classification:
Environ. Characteristic:
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