EPOCH Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heater

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EPOCH Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heater
Environmental Performance:

* This solar water heater utilizes the clean solar energy and is non-toxic, noiseless, free of greenhouse gas emissions, and free of pollution associated with the conventional water heaters.
* It is easy to operate, less prone to damage, and has a service life of at least ten years.
* The development of this product is based on the concept of sustainability and in line with the specifications of Taiwan Green Mark.
* All the components observe the limitations on the use of environmentally unfriendly substances. The housing and most of the parts are made of metal to facilitate recycling and provide environmental protection.

Product Performance:

1. The only vacuum-tube solar water heater in Taiwan that has received Green Mark certification. Featuring a 47mm super large pipe diameter and high resistance to rust, corrosion and grime, the water heater solves the annoying problems of instable water pressure and abrupt water temperature variations, which are common to the conventional flat-plate water heaters as a result of pipe clogging.
2. As heat is collected by glass vacuum tubes, no gas is required, and electricity consumption is reduced. The risk of gas explosion is also eliminated. It is a toxicant-free, noise-free and safe solution to environmental protection.
3. Made of borosilicate glass, whose transmittance is over 90%, the heat-collecting vacuum tubes are highly effective in heat collection. The vacuum tubes are also impact resistant, as proven by 25mm hail impact tests. Due to their small sizes, the vacuum tubes can be easily detached, cleaned and reinstalled, and the complicated procedure for installing a water tank can be spared. Should any of the vacuum tubes be damaged by external force, only the damaged tube needs replacing.

Epoch Energy Technology Corp.
Available in: Taiwan, USA, Singapore, Malaysia
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