EXAKT Triple Roll Mills

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EXAKT Triple Roll Mills
Environmental Performance:
Features Maximum product fineness depending on the product up to < 1痠 "Output between 0.02 and 20 l per hour Features "Universal scraper system "Speed contol by frequency converter to adjust the production speed to the product viscosity "All rollers can be cooled or heated as standard equipment "Solvent dispenser "Stainless steel hopper "Drip tray for easy cleaning "Dust protection hood Safety "Cleaning mode: automatic setting to a medium roller gap and limitation of the drive torque to a minimum "Reverse mode: reverse operation via inching pushbutton - in order to remove foreign objects accidentally pulled into the gap "Electrical overload protection "Emergency off switch: on actuation the rollers automatically move apart to the largest possible roller gap (fitted on the both sides of the 120 E-450) "Additional off switch in antenna form near the rear roller gap (for operation without hopper)
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