Freya Series

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Freya Series
Environmental Performance:

* Easy to maintain
* Reducing the burden on environment which induced by the use of chemical cleaner.

Product Performance:

* Combining technology, environmental conservation and art, it creates value in ceramic tiles by turning flat ceramic tiles into a 3D configuration, and simplifying the maintenance.
* Consumers can choose to create different styles of patterns on their own.
* The computer does the universal edge finish with consistent dimensions for easier hanging.
* The floor tiles adopt a matte finish with special glazing, making the skid-proof index to be higher than most floor tiles, providing a safer living safeguard.

White Horse Ceramic Co., Ltd.
Available in: Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia
Product Model:
40100, 40102, 40110~3, 40120~1, 40160~2, 40170, 40123~4, 40300~2, 40312~3, 40323~4, 40333, 40402~3, 40412~4, 40600~3, 40711, 40721, 40730
Product Classification:
Environ. Characteristic: