Greenkey De-formaldehyde Coating

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Greenkey De-formaldehyde Coating
Environmental Performance:
*The product contains no lead, mercury or cadmium.
*Non-solvent based green product.
*Hazard free water based de-formaldehyde formulation certified by SGS with ability to reduce 99% of formaldehyde in 60 minutes.
*The product is safe to use for human certified by Germany Bioservice Lab.
Product Performance:
*Effectively decompose formaldehyde from plywood.
*100% made from non-toxic ingredients.
*Highly concentrated water based de-formaldehyde formulation.
*One layer of coating leads a long-lasting performance. Save time and labor.
*No damage to applied surface or inner structure.
*The ability to kill bacteria and mold.
*Remove urine odor from wood. Applications: 1. Applied on all kinds of plywood. 2. Applied on interior walls before paintings. 3. Applied on walls to be attached with wallpaper.
Hopax Bio-Medical Co., Ltd.
Available in: Taiwan、
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