Grey Eco Blanket

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Grey Eco Blanket
Environmental Performance:
*Using recycled resources as raw materials to manufacture eco-friendly products. This process not only activates a new life cycle for used PET bottles, at the same time, it also reduces the consumption of new resources, solving problems associated with Taiwan's massive volume of plastic recyclables.
* Sort and clean PET bottles carefully, remove caps and bottle rings, helping to ensure the quality of raw materials. As of today, over 230 million PET bottles have been recycled and regenerated.
Product Performance:
*The Gray Eco Blanket is derived from recycled polyester yarn made from 100% recycled PET bottles. It is made using the original color of the recycled PET bottles instead of using dye. This process not only reduces water pollution and chemical poisoning, but is also an environmentally friendly process, which conserves energy and water.
*The quality of recycled polyester yarn developed by DA.AI is comparable to the recycled polyester yarn developed in Japan.
*The blanket has received Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certificate from the Peterson Control Union as well as Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint Certifications from TÜV Rheinland Group, Germany.
Da.Ai Technology Co., Ltd.
Available in: Taiwan、China、USA、Singapore、Philippines、Malaysia、Thailand、Indonesia、Australia、
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