Kiddie Water Closet Equipment

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Kiddie Water Closet Equipment
Environmental Performance:
1. Complied with ISO / CNS 14024 standards, the product inthe production process must not add any significantharm the environment substances. 2. The traditional water closet is a single stage flushing type. Water flushing amount is 12L each time. For two-stage flushing type, it is more water saving.
Product Performance:
1. Together with the parts of the two-stage water closet, its water output is less than 3 liters of water for urine and 6 liters of water for stool, which saves water. 2. For the product model number with the letter K, It means that the surface has been treated with the nano anti-fouling and anti-bacteria process.
Tien Kuang Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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