MDI Polyurethane for building waterproof

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MDI Polyurethane for building waterproof
Environmental Performance:
1. Free of formaldehyde and TVOC in line with the standards of Green Building Materials.
2. Low-pollution.
3. Comply with the restrictions on the use of eight heavy metals Low-volatile, solvent-free.
Product Performance:
◎ Advantages:
* CNS Mark grade waterproof material, excellent waterproof performance.
* Strong physical properties: Strong adhesion with “toughness” and “elasticity”.
* Anti-weathering: Good weathering, water and drug resistance.
* Anti-rotting: Prevent cement and iron materials in a building from aging.
* Easy to use: Not affected by the building form, easy to use.
* Contains no formaldehyde, TVOC and heavy metals.

◎ Applicability:
* Roof top waterproof: Buildings, resident houses, factories, barracks, etc.
* Wall face impermeability: Roof top outer wall, basement outer wall
* Floor waterproof: Bathrooms, roof top gardens.
Taiwan Chi-Ly Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Available in: Taiwan
Product Model:
Product Classification:
Environ. Characteristic: