Polar Animals Blanket Series

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Polar Animals Blanket Series
Environmental Performance:
DA.AI is the first and only brand in the world whose products are non-polluting--never piece- dyed--and most are produced with up to 100% of recycled content. By creatively combine environmental protection, technology, charity and humanitarian culture, DA.AI Technology aims to bring its Eco Love-Friendly Brand-- DA.AI to the international stage, promoting Taiwan’s humane power to a global audience. Eco Love-Friendly Brand offers international competitive advantages (a.)DA.AI actively monitors the quality control of its textile products and has achieved The Netherlands Peterson’s Group Control Union Global Recycling Standard (GRS). (b.)DA.AI yarn has also received Taiwan EPA’s Eco Label. (c.)DA.AI’s eco blankets, chips and yarn have all received TÜV Rheinland’s Product Carbon Footprint certifications. (d.)The famous DA.AI Grey Eco Blanket is Cradle to Cradle Silver CertifiedCM by Cradle To Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2CPII), and has received both Product Water Footprint and Product Carbon Footprint certifications from TÜV Rheinland as well as Japanese ECO Mark.
Product Performance:
On North and South Pole live lots of lovely animals, such as polar bears, sea lions, and penguins, but this icy snowy land is melting away. The animals look cute, and have healthy thick furs that keep them warm; they like to shuttle around and swim in their lands. However, they are no longer happily playing together because of the melting of glaciers and global warming. This is a warning for us to stop polluting, face the problem, and protect our earth. We must love the Earth with our actions, and start using eco-friendly products to reduce consumption. This way, we are loving all creations, and also protecting ourselves. The Polar Animal Blanket Series is made by 100% recycled polyester yarn, texture like cotton, soft and delicate. Compared with traditional cotton or linen, recycled polyester yarn is odor controlled and antibacterial. The blankets also reduce the wastes of energy and carbon emission, and they are indeed environmental friendly and reliable.
Da.Ai Technology Co., Ltd.
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