RO Booster Pump Motor

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RO Booster Pump Motor
Environmental Performance:

Genese RO booster pump is highly powered by brushless DC motor, which gives big and steady water flow (500cc in 23 seconds) and eliminate the use of water storage. The built-in detection allows fewer flow valves and increase the safety level of the system.

Product Performance:

*Big water flow, free water flow ≧ 2.6 L/min
*Waste water ratio = 1:1
*Motor + control box + voltage adaptor, all-in-one design.
*Plug & play, simple connection
*For home water filtration and reverse osmosis system
*Ultra protection for: overload, free-load, over-heating, over-voltage, low-voltage situations

Genese Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Available in: Taiwan、China、United Kingdom、Southeast Asia、France
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