Roof Coating for Waterproofing(Acrulic Resin Type)

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Roof Coating for Waterproofing(Acrulic Resin Type)
Environmental Performance:
  1. Free of formaldehyde and TVOC in line with the standards of Green Building Materials. 
  2. Low-pollution.
  3. Comply with the restrictions on the use of eight heavy metals Low-volatile, solvent-free.
Product Performance:
Application for waterproof in roofs, walls, bathroom, flower bed stand... etc. 
*Features: Water soluble resin, easy to operate and low toxicity with beautiful and waterproof effect
(can be blended in any color as needed, multiple film coating can have excellent waterproof effect).
Taiwan Chi-Ly Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Available in: Taiwan、Asia
Product Model:
Various colors
Product Classification:
Environ. Characteristic: