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Environmental Performance:

Energy Saving:  sleep mode power consumption 3.07W.
Chemical Substances Control: Compliant with European Union RoHS, WEEE and Taiwan Green Mark requirements.

Product Performance:

* Scan rate up to 60 PPM/120 IPM at 300 dpi, color mode.
* Support document up to A3 size, and support long page scanning up to 3 meters (118").
* Avision Button Manager (One Touch).
* New TWAIN driver supports to enhancement such as the ability to adjust sensitivity of dynamic threshold, document/photo color matching, custom color dropout, automatic multiple cropping, intelligent multi-feed, reduce despeckle, image count, digital imprinter, and transport timeout.
* Ultrasonic Multi-Feed Detection.

Avision Inc.
Available in: Taiwan、USA、Japan、Australia、Europe、Oceania、
Product Model:
FT-1109H (AV320E2+)
Product Classification:
Environ. Characteristic: