SPA n' SAVE Oxygenic SPA Hand Shower

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SPA n' SAVE Oxygenic SPA Hand Shower
Environmental Performance:

* Equipped with a water-saving valve to limit the flow rate to 6-11 L/min.
* Effective in stabilizing water pressure and saving water.
* Saves up to 60% of water.

Product Performance:

* The patent ring structure of water outlet can produce a pressurizing effect to control water flow by various spray/flow modes.
* The thin water streams from showerhead provide a massaging effect, meanwhile the water spray contains more than 1,236,000 c.c. of negative ions that has been proven through SGS test
* No matter which floor where it located, a unique design showerhead can limit the flow rate to 6-11 L/min by the built-in water-saving valve
* With water outlet pressure stabilized, baths can be taken in winter times without abrupt water temperature variations.

Bidwin Industries Co., Ltd.
Available in: Asia, Europe, North America, South America
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