Variable Frequency Drive

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Variable Frequency Drive
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Reduce industrial power usage & CO2 emission TO use energy efficiently

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*TG300 inverter Automatically calculating the required torque for loading to achieve the goal of smooth starting. High-speed precision, slip compensation, Auto torque boost, overcoming the speed difference caused by load changing. Precise sinusoidal control, commercial-current-like current, stable motor operation. Saving the power charges by improving the efficiency of motor which operates in light load. Maintaining the best operation efficiency of the motor by automatically adjusting the voltage of an operating motor. TG300 inverter internally installed with a PID control software which may control and current and air volume without an external PID controller. It is applicable for a wind turbine and hydraulic engine. Variety of V / F curve control RS-485 communication interface (RJ-45) with MODBUS protocol Output frequency 0.1~400 Hz 

Shangchin Electronics Corp.
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