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This year, the Green Trade Project Office (GTPO) set up a Green Product Zone at this year’s Sourcing Taiwan, held on March 29. With the push for green and renewable energy across the globe, the GTPO, which is supervised by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, in order to enhance the local environmental industry and their export products.  

The Green Product Zone focused on Taiwan’s five major green specialty categories, namely renewable energy and storage, energy savings, environmental protection, recycling and low carbon transportation. The GTPO aimed to highlight Taiwan's foremost green products and invited Taiwan's leading green product manufacturers including Ecomax Textile Co., Ltd., Jun Lung Rubber Industries Co., Ltd., Lucky Star Cartoner Co., Ltd., Ling Feng Product Development Co., Ltd., MPS Energy Inc., and Speedtech Energy Co., Ltd. to showcase their latest innovative products, which touch the everyday lives and people's basic needs.

The GTPO got people's attention with an environmental bubble tent that takes 3-5 years to decompose. In the tent, it showcased some of Taiwan's leading green innovations such as tableware made from corn, carpets made from used rubber tires, furniture made of excess cardboard, fabric made of recycled PET bottles, bags made from a resin interlay called polyvinyl butyral (PVB) from windshields and solar energy appliances. The Green Product Zone demonstrated Taiwan's awesome strength in the green field and was able to appeal to international companies such as Japan's Big Camera and Modern Casements from Kenya.

Going green - preserving resources and protecting the environment - is an inevitable and essential part of our daily lives. The GTPO will continue its mission by lead delegations of Taiwanese green vendors at international trade shows and relevant promotional missions.