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The President Announces the Revision of “Greenhouse Gas Management Act” into “Climate Change Response Act” and the Amendment of Article

On February 15, 2023, the President announced the amendment to revise the Greenhouse Gas Management Act as the Climate Change Response Act. The revised Act includes 7 chapters and 63 articles, thus completing the nation’s legal framework with the aims of addressing global climate change, setting up climate change adaptation strategies, reducing and managing greenhouse gas emissions, delivering generational justice, environmental justice and just transition.

With this Act, the nation fulfils its shared responsibility in jointly protecting the Planet and the environment, ensuring the sustainable development of our nation.

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) explained that the purpose of the amendment is to respond to the severity of global climate change, and the increased requirements for global industries to reduce carbon emissions in their supply chains. Internationally, with the imminent imposition of carbon emissions control measures and the tightening of regulations, facilitating the nation’s net-zero transition and enhancing industrial competitiveness have become imperative.  

The key elements of the amendment includes: incorporating the 2050 net-zero emissions target, establishing authority and responsibility among agencies, adding the section of just transition, strengthening emissions control and incentive mechanisms to enable emissions reduction, introducing carbon fee with dedicated usage of revenues, adding a chapter on climate change adaptation, incorporating carbon footprint and product labeling management scheme, as well as improving information transparency and citizen participation mechanisms. The said amendment was passed by the Legislative Yuan on January 10, 2023.

Source: EPA of Executive Yuan