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Waste tires is a global problem, but recycling them is not difficult. The real difficulty lies in balancing sustainable tire production with efficient recycling technology.
ENRESTEC offers year-round working, high efficiency, and fully automatic pyrolysis systems capable of processing 36,000 tons of waste tires every year. More importantly, ENRESTEC's systems are capable of recycling waste tires at near 100% efficiency.
Using ENRESTEC's pyrolysis systems, tire makers can also reduce their production costs by 40% or more.
ENRESTEC was founded in 2005, and it has been working to providing recycling solutions ever since. The company also specializes in plastic and organic waste recycling.
ENRESTEC is the owner of the globally exclusive thermal cracking technology patents. With the patented technology, ENRESTEC's pyrolysis systems can produce carbon black from waste tires at one-fifth the CO2 emission compared to traditional methods.