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TAITRA Invites Japanese “New Energy Experts” to Charge Taiwan's Green Energy Industry

Organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and implemented by Green Trade Project Office (GTPO) together with Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), the Global Green Industry Trends Forum was held on December 14 at the Taipei International Convention Center. Speakers from Toshiba Fuel Cell Power Systems Corporation, Panasonic, NGK Insulators and Kyowakiden Industry Co., Ltd., four hegemons in Japanese green energy were invited to Taiwan to share the latest technologies. The speeches were rich in content, and together with the warm atmosphere, the event attracted 800+ people.


Toshiba Fuel Cell Power Systems Corporation shared their innovation as the chief fuel cell supplier for vehicles in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics featuring high-efficiency fuel cell solutions and zero-emission hydrogen energy society. Japan's largest electronics manufacturer PANASONIC introduced regional symbiosis energy management to create sustainable and low-carbon urban applications. NGK, the world's largest manufacturer of sodium-sulfur batteries, shared how they are focusing on ceramic technology for energy storage and energy regeneration. Mr. Toshiaki Kawaguchi from Kyowakiden, professionals in water treatment and sustainability said that Taiwan and Japan have always had close trade relationship, and it is possible to move forward towards developing overseas environmental markets together. TAITRA stated that it hopes to create more cooperation and business opportunities between Taiwan and Japan through this forum.


TAITRA said regarding the development of the green energy industry - in addition to Japan's continuous improvement in high-end technology, ASEAN, India and other new southbound countries have strong government support for renewable energy. These countries are also going through rapid industrial development, environmental awareness, making them places for great business opportunities. In addition, with the help of environmental awareness, green verification of various products has become the key to entering a market. GTPO collects international business information, analyzes international certifications, and assists Taiwanese enterprises to apply for certification, making their products much more attractive for export.


For this forum, GTPO also arranged for personnel from overseas offices to attend the forum and report on three major business opportunities: 1. Discovering Trends and Opportunities in Solar PV Under India, 2. Rise of Vietnam – Rapid Economic Growth Driving Demand for Water Treatment & Business, and 3. Meeting Thailand 4.0 – Looking at Environmental Protection Equipment Business Opportunities From an Industrial Perspective.


GTPO doesn’t only help Taiwanese companies to see new business opportunities, but also how to capture them by providing counseling in green trade. In addition, the Green Trade Project Office put together a professional new southbound report and strategies for three green energy opportunities: Energy Storage, Energy Conservation, and Environmental Protection Equipment. Green trade is a vital part of Taiwan's export growth. GTPO will continue to lead Taiwanese companies to expand their exports to the global green market and continue to create new business opportunities.