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       Imminent, formidable and annihilable are the adjectives for the impacts of global warming on the earth. The nature ultimately backfires as the unprecedented heat, tsunami and torrential rain claim thousands of casualties across the globe annually. While the world mourns the deceased, the environmentalists and visionaries advocate that governments and corporations take ESG actions to keep our planet greener, more carbon-free and sustainable.

       At the Earth Day summit in 2021, the joining countries reiterated their commitment to the net-zero carbon emissions, which galvanized the private sectors to do likewise. The same commitment appears in not only manufacturing but service industries as well. Some European department stores have already replaced their shuttle buses with electrified fleets.

      As a stakeholder in the global green revolution, not only is Taiwan dedicated to producing green products, but we also strive to make green management possible through innovative mindset and technological R&D. The Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), with assistance from the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), has established platforms for dialogues, provided consultancy and assessment services, and most importantly, helped Taiwanese companies connect with the rest of the world concerning green business opportunities.

      Taiwan Cleantech Landscape presents all the achievements Taiwanese companies have reached in the areas of “Built Environment,” “Retrofits” and “Micro-grids.” The publication of this map aims to demonstrate to the world Taiwan can be and will be a responsible stakeholder in the face of climate change.