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Taiwan Green Pavilion in All Energy Australia 2018

Australia is the sixth largest country in the World, blessed with vast resources including abundant sunshine. It has advanced R&D in solar PV. As Australia's electricity price has risen sharply in recent years, this has prompted high growth in demand of rooftop solar photovoltaics. Australia is sparsely populated and is comprised by 70% residential buildings, making the use of renewable energy policy a long-term development direction. In addition, more and more large-scale solar roof-type systems for local office buildings, shopping malls, factories and university buildings have been installed. In recent years, Australia's solar PV installations are ranked 10th place worldwide, and the solar market still has high potential for development.


Green Energy is one of the key industries identified in Taiwan’s 5+2 Innovative Industry Plan. The Taiwanese government is actively promoting innovation in green energy through helping it to flourish and promote its products to the international market. The development of Taiwan's green energy industry has grown tremendously, being internationally competitive, offering high-quality products with comprehensive service integration. Taiwan’s green products can most definitely help Australia to build a low-carbon green city.


The All Energy Australia 2018 Conference & Exhibition was held from October 3rd to 4th in Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. To promote Taiwan's high-quality green products, the Ministry of Economic Affairs assigned Green Trade Project Office (GTPO) to form a delegation comprised of Taiwanese green industries to exhibit at the All-Energy in order to respond to Australia's vigorous development in low-carbon green energy. As the development trend for Australia is "Zero Energy Building", using this theme Taiwan set up the Taiwan Green Pavilion to present Taiwan's innovative green energy technologies. The Taiwan Green Pavilion was comprised of five Taiwanese companies showcasing energy creation, energy efficiency, & energy storage. First, the CIGS thin-film PV modules produced by Eterbright showcased how it produced electricity to power the solar water pumps from Sun Mines. The solar water pumps can be used for Australia’s residential swimming pools or for independent pumping and water exchange. It was also shown how Eterbright solar PV can be combined with Darfon’s micro-inverter. The micro-inverter can convert the solar energy and store it in SEGL’s UPS Li-ion Battery to be used when needed in residential or commercial buildings. Also displayed was Solatron’s Solar Powered Mini Wall Fans/Ventilators. It is widely used in yachts, trailers, attic of buildings, lofts, etc. The All Energy Australia 2018 was the 10th All-Energy Australia conference and exhibition, and it’s the largest renewable energy exhibition in Australia. Taiwan Green Pavilion demonstrated Taiwan’s excellence in green technology to demonstrate how to achieve a perfect Zero-Energy Building status, while helping Australian residents get rid of high electricity bills.