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Taiwan Green Pavilion at Smart Asia India 2018

In order to help Taiwanese green industries gain more market in India, Green Trade Project Office (GTPO) under Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) will setup Taiwan Green Pavilion in the Bangalore International Exhibition Center in India from October 4-6, 2018. The pavilion will feature Taiwan's high-quality products under two major categories “Green Technology” and “Water & Wastewater Treatment" to demonstrate Taiwan's green R&D capabilities.

India is a highly competitive country in the ASEAN region, and the economy is growing rapidly. The Indian government proposed the “Smart Cities Mission” in 2015 and it is expected to create 100 smart cities across India by 2022. Its focus is on the infrastructure of mass transit systems, energy supply, water resources management, etc. The Taiwan Green Pavilion will showcase Taiwan’s green innovation and provide practical applications and solutions to India.


This year’s exhibitor group covers a wide range of products:

  1. Green Technology: Sunfly Solar’s, Daylight Tubular Device which brings natural lighting into the room during daytime to save electricity and reduce carbon; Jetpro Technology power generation from small wind turbines with conversion rate of up to 25%; NuStone a high-tech, water-based, natural granite stone coating; Eco-Mesh pipe drainage systems – can irrigate the underground soil where it’s buried while also cooling the surface of the street.
  2. Water Treatment: Shiftrewater specializes in wastewater treatment & reuse equipment. For metal industry, the equipment can help recover high concentrations of metal ions, while reducing waste. Water Power Technology Corp. specializes in wastewater filtration systems & mud removal. Its Moving Clothes Filter Press features complete automatic operation, efficient dewatering, complete release of mud disks, fast cleansing of filter clothes and extreme heavy-duty cleaning of mud treatment. ZIG SHENG portable water filter makes drinking clean water anytime, anywhere possible. ACCUSENSING Metals Analysis System (MAS) is user-friendly, it only takes four easy steps for heavy metals analysis. MAS presents a digital value and an electrochemical graph simultaneously of heavy metals in water in 2 mins. (at the fastest) and doesn't require pretreatment and calibration before analysis. Can be used to analyze drinking water, irrigation, industrial waste. Correlation(R>0.95) with laboratory method (AA, ICP etc.).


This year, the Green Trade Project Office continued to hold overseas sales promotion activities, getting deeper into India and New Southbound countries. In-depth investigations on the current state of the industry in each of the countries, including government green policies and procurement-related opportunities. In addition to collecting more information, we also regularly send out E-newsletters and publish important business information of various countries in our website. Please feel free to visit our webpage on a regular basis for new updates.