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Green Trade Project Office (GTPO), supervised by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs will organize the “Taiwan Green Products Pavilion” to showcase Taiwan's Green Products at the Taiwan Expo in Vietnam. Taking place from July 26-28, 2018 at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh, the pavilion will be exhibiting products from 11 Taiwanese companies in three major categories according to Vietnam’s National Green Growth Strategy: 1) Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promotion of clean and renewable energy, 2) Greening production, 3) Greening lifestyle and promoting sustainable consumption. Taiwan wants to work and take part together with Vietnam in solving its environmental challenges, leading towards a green lifestyle.

In recent years, Vietnam has enjoyed rapid economic growth. Its ranked as the sixth largest economy in ASEAN, with a population of 95.26 million people. Among Southeast Asian countries, its population density is second only behind Singapore. Under the influence of rapid economic growth and the international green trend, the Vietnamese government approved the “National Green Growth Strategy” in 2011. The plan calls for actively introducing green technologies as a means to achieve a low-carbon economy and promote economic growth. Vietnam's sustainable economic development has gradually become an obligation over the years..