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The Micro-Grid basic systems in Taiwan include renewable energy, energy storage system (ESS), diesel generators and micro-grid energy management system (EMS). Main application scenarios are sorted into the following 3 types: Offshore Island Micro-Grid, Disaster Prevention Micro-Grid, and Community Micro-Grid. The composition of the Micro-Grid Industry Chain includes Distributed Generation, such as Solar Panel, Small Wind Generators, and Stationary Fuel Cells; Stationary Energy Storage System; Solar Inverters and Energy Storage Power Conversion System (PCS); Electric Monitoring and Control Components, for example Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA), Controllers…etc.; system integrators provide services including micro-grid design, system planning, installation, and energy management system pairing.  The Taiwan Micro-Grid Industry Chain has taken shape, various companies are involved in all aspects of the industry chain. The "Taiwan Micro-Grid Catalog" helps you to find the trustworthy service provider from Taiwan in the industry.