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The International Builders’ Show (IBS) 2020 will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 21st – 23rd , 2020. A total of 1,385 companies from 28 countries will participate in the exhibition, with a total area of more than 600,000 ft2. In response to U.S. construction industry’s development in green housing and healthy buildings, the Green Trade Project Office (GTPO), of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs will set up the Taiwan Green Building Pavilion (booth number SU3835). GTPO will bring together Taiwan’s high-quality manufacturers for “green buildings” to showcase Taiwan's green industry R & D capabilities and innovation at IBS.

According to Taiwan's export statistics from 2015-2018, the United States is Taiwan's fifth largest export market for green building materials. In addition, NAHB predicts that the total number of housing construction in the United States will continue to increase by 5.6% from 2019 to 2021. Furthermore, the U.S. construction industry is paying more attention to the trend of healthy home environment, focusing on transformation towards green residential environment. Plans incorporating green technologies into new construction projects are fast growing. From building materials being more environmentally friendly to sustainable and resource-efficient development, green construction has become more and more common. The building reconstruction and building alteration sector has also increased by 3.4%. This includes every step of the project: planning, design, construction, maintenance and demolition. It can be seen that the US market offers huge green cooperation and business opportunities.

In order to assist Taiwanese manufacturers to get more business opportunities brought by the U.S. green building market, the Taiwan Green Building Pavilion will mainly promote Taiwan green building materials:

Exhibitors include First Metal Products Industrial Co., Ltd.’ Skylight Vent; Force Foundation International Co., Ltd.’ PEDOT Smart Film; Seaman Enterprise Co., Ltd.’, water-flow control shower head; Top Colour Film Ltd.’ energy-saving film; Fountain Hitech Corporation’ rice straw eco panel and foam glass; Taroko Door & Window Technologies, Inc.’, energy-saving windows; Ever Green Timber Products Co., Ltd.’, wood boards; Zirco Applied Materials Co., Ltd.’, high thermal insulation films; Nustone Co., Ltd.’ stone-like coating; Jun-En Enterprise Corp.’ ecological metal mesh; Spring Pool Glass’ AH Lightweight Insulation Block and other green building materials; UA Wood’ wood flooring.

This year's Green Trade Promotion Project includes several events in overseas sales promotion activities to Europe, USA, and ASEAN. For more information, please contact Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Green Trade Project Office. (Tel.: + 886-2-27255200 ext. 1250-1262, e-mail: info@greentrade.org.tw, website: http://www.greentrade.org.tw )