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Date: 2020/11/25~2020/12/08
Introduction: Coming Soon: A free online product launch presenting the latest Greentech and Environmental Solutions from leading Taiwanese suppliers.  Wednesday 25th of November Asia (GMT+8) 15:00-16:00   Presenters include the following companies: VOLTRONIC POWER TECHNOLOGY CORP. SPEEDTECH ENERGY CO., LTD. EVER CLEAR ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING CORPORATION ZIRCO APPLIED MATERIALS CO., LTD   ACTIVE TECHNOLOGY.....more.
Date: 2020/09/15~2020/10/31
Introduction: About PVB PVB is polyvinyl Butyral, a polymeric materal with three different functional groups. Its unique structure provides versatility for wide applications, and it is the best althernative to PVC. There is an invisible layer of PVB resin in windshields, which provides safety during an accident, but it is also what makes windshields recycling challenging. By the processes of sparation, purification and modification, revyvled PVB.....more.
Date: 2020/10/07~2020/10/17
Introduction: It’s the New Product Launch presenting the newest products related to Green Building Materials Sustainable Solutions.   Asia (GMT+8) 11:00-12:00  Oct. 07th (Wed)  Participation is free!            Presenters include Taiwan well-known Green Building companies: ABERDEEN DECORATION COMPANY LIMITED ETERBRIGHT SOLAR CORPORATION HENG CHUNG ENTERPRISE CO.,.....more.
Date: 2020/07/15~2020/07/15
Introduction: Coming Soon: A free online product launch presenting the latest products from leading Taiwanese clean energy solution providers.    Wednesday 23rd of September Asia (GMT+8) 15:00-16:00   Presenters include the following companies: ..more.
Date: 2020/05/27~2020/05/27
Introduction: Presenters include Taiwan well-renowned water treatment solutions companies:  Smart Water Meters and Sensors: YUDEN-TECH, ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, AQUAS Analyzers and Detection Devices: KETECH SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENT, ACCUSENSING TECHNOLOGY AIoT Management Solutions: GINTEL TECH  ..more.
Date: 2020/04/22~2020/04/22
Date: 2020/04/08~2020/04/08
Introduction: Presenters include Taiwan well-renowned solar companies: Tainergy, Eterbright Solar Corp., Voltronic, JY Optoelectronic Devices & Thingnario Ltd. ..more.
Date: 2020/06/17~2020/06/19
Introduction: In 2019, 1,450 manufacturers from 156 countries around the world participated in Intersolar. The exhibition area covers 10 halls with a total of 68,000 square meters. The three-day exhibition attracted more than 50,000 professional buyers. Intersolar is the largest green-energy exhibition and annual event that Taiwanese green companies must participate. TAITRA will organize another delegation this.....more.
Date: 2021/01/01~2021/12/31
Introduction: Thailand's ARCHITECT EXPO 2020 is the most prestigious and largest international building materials exhibition in Southeast Asia. The exhibition has taken place for more than 30 years and will enter its 34th in 2020. This year's theme "Refocus Heritage", we hope to increase public awareness and understanding of "old building" protection and maintenance. In 2019, more than 750.....more.
Date: 2020/10/14~2020/10/14
Introduction: Taiwan International Lighting Show 2020 will take place in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 from October 14 - 16. For the first time, it is cooperating with Taipei International Electronic Show (TAITRONICS), Taiwan International AIoT Show (AIoT Taiwan), Taiwan International Smart Energy Week (ENERGY TAIWAN), Taiwan International Circular Economy Exhibition (CIRCULAR ECONOMY TAIWAN) to showcase and combine high-tech to explore future.....more.
Date: 2020/10/03~2020/10/07
Introduction: The US international water treatment technology exhibition (WEFTEC) began in 1928 and is held annually by the Water Environment (Federation). It is the World's leading water treatment equipment and technology exhibition, and has successfully been held 91 times. It is the oldest and largest professional water show in North America. The exhibition area is 28,047 square meters, and in 2019 it attracted thousands of exhibitors and more than.....more.
Date: 2020/10/29~2020/10/31
Introduction: Taiwan’s green energy industry is also one of the key industries that Taiwan government has actively promoted in its 5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan. In addition to leading the development of green industry in Taiwan, it also promotes Taiwan’s green industry to the international market. Green Trade Project Office, the green-trade promotion arm of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs will setup the "Taiwan Green Products.....more.
Date: 2020/12/15~2020/12/17
Introduction: The Taiwan Green Pavilion in Malaysia will be held from Aug 5-6, 2020 with the goal of promoting Taiwan's quality green products. The Ministry of Economic Affairs promotes the Green Trade Project Office (GTPO) to set up the Taiwan Green Pavilion in response to the green industry being promoted by the Malaysian government. It will be showcase Taiwan's green technology industry. ..more.
Date: 2020/06/01~2020/06/30
Introduction: APEC's economic exchange and cooperation platform offers various products and services from member countries. The platform strengthens the connection between member companies. Malaysia's foreign trade promotion agency (MATRADE) will take place this year at the Sabah International Convention Centre from April 20-22. At the trade show, nine industries including AI and Industry 4.0, Modern.....more.
Date: 2020/03/03~2020/03/03
Introduction: Sourcing Taiwan 2020 - ICT x Green x Smart System x Medical Devices takes place at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) on March 3. Featuring  four main categories: Information Communications Technology (ICT), Green, Smart Solution, and Medical. This is a procurement event to help promote Taiwan's industries in the international market. 331 business negotiations with potential business amounting to USD 131,970,000, and.....more.
Date: 2020/02/27~2020/02/27
Introduction: Taiwan's Green Trade Project Office (GTPO) will host "Taiwan's Green Energy Solutions and Advanced Technologies Conference" on February 27 at "2020 Japan Smart Energy Week". This event focuses on Taiwan’s four major green energy industries, namely solar, fuel cell, energy storage & microgrid. Major Taiwanese manufacturers, including Taiwan Battery Association (TBA)and Taiwan Fuel Cell Partnership (TFCP) have.....more.
Date: 2020/02/26~2020/02/28
Introduction: World Smart Energy Week takes place in Tokyo from February 26-28th, 2020 at Tokyo Big Sight. It includes PV Expo, Int'l Smart Grid Expo, Wind Expo, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Exhibition (FC Expo), Japan Rechargeable Battery Exhibition (Battery Japan), Int'l Biomass Expo, Thermal Power Expo and Resource Recycling Expo. A total of 8 professional exhibitions jointly take place in the same exhibition hall......more.
Date: 2020/01/21~2020/01/23
Introduction: The International Builders’ Show (IBS) 2020 will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 21st – 23rd , 2020. A total of 1,385 companies from 28 countries will participate in the exhibition, with a total area of more than 600,000 ft2. In response to U.S. construction industry’s development in green housing and healthy buildings, the Green Trade Project Office (GTPO), of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs.....more.