TAIPEI 101 – World's Tallest Building to Receive LEED v4 Platinum

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TAIPEI 101 – World’s Tallest Building to Receive LEED v4 Platinum

TAIPEI 101 was awarded as the World’s tallest building to receive the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), achieving the newest version LEED v4 highest-level Platinum — and thus setting an example for Taiwan and the World that existing buildings can become more sustainable and make a big impact in the fight against global warming.

LEED is a green building certification program devised by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Buildings are rated according to its design, construction, operation and maintenance. There are four levels - certified, silver, gold and platinum. The objective is to encourage transformation of existing buildings and new buildings towards sustainability.

TAIPEI 101 had first received a LEED v2009– Platinum in 2011, becoming the tallest and largest green building in the World through implementing measures such as using more energy efficient lighting units, installing low flow water fixtures (led to the decrease to potable water usage by about 30% or 28,000,000 liters of potable water annually), and the Energy Management and Control Systems (EMCS) allowing managers to change the operating schedules of the chiller plant and chilled water distribution according to the needs of the tenants.

On July 7, 2016, it was upgraded to the LEED v4– Platinum and became the first supertall building in the world to achieve this. The LEED v4 has a new category for Location and Transportation, and Awareness and Education. TAIPEI 101 also signed an MOU in 2015 with Taipower (Taiwan’s state run power company) to create a “demand response” partnership, which allowed it to lower its electricity usage when electricity demand rises. According to TAIPEI 101, though its occupancy rate has increased to 95.79 percent by the end of 2015, a 50,000-square meter increase compared to 2007, the building has saved 262 gigawatts hours of electricity. It is equivalent to a reduction of 139,083 tons of carbon emissions, which is Daan Forest Park’s total carbon absorption over 357 years. This type of partnership can be replicated with other buildings in Taiwan.

As the World’s tallest building to receive the highest-level LEED v4- Platinum, TAIPEI 101 serves as an example of how existing buildings in Taiwan and around the World can also become more energy and water efficient. This translates into reduction of large quantities of greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, it shows Taiwan’s commitment in contributing together with the international community in its fight against carbon emissions and global climate change.