Taiwan – Advancing Efforts in CO2 Reduction for Zero Emissions Day

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Taiwan – Advancing Efforts in CO2 Reduction for Zero Emissions Day

On September 21, 2017 countries around the World will be observing Zero Emissions Day! It is a Global one-day observation where many people have decided to avoid any activity which is directly associated with using of fossil fuels. As Taiwan gets ready to take part in this international event, its green industries have a lot to offer. Many of the companies have developed green products that follow the guidelines stipulated by the Zero Emissions Day. Furthermore, its green products make a difference in contributing to ZeDay and still follow its guideline of “Do your best, have fun, enjoy the day!”


Taipei 101 – World’s Tallest Building to Receive LEED v4
TAIPEI 101 was awarded as the World’s tallest building to receive the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies and Zero Emissions Day
Zero Emissions Day is observed in many countries around the World annually on September 21.
Delta Electronics – Making Further Strides in Emission Reduction
Delta Electronics is a Taiwanese company founded in 1971, and a global leader in power and thermal management solutions.
Gogoro – Being Mobile While Making a Difference in Zero Emissions Day
Gogoro is a Taiwanese electrical scooter and energy company that has attracted a lot of attention and customers the last couple years.
Recommended Green Products

Eletrical machinary