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Date: 2020/11/03
Introduction: Under Taiwan government's legislation, Taiwan will reduce its carbon emissions to 50% of 2005 levels by the year 2050. It's solar industry... more
Green Trade Project Office
Date: 2020/10/28
Introduction: STC International, a Taiwanese company specialized in solar energy system integration, under the assistance of Green Trade Project Office(GTPO),... more
Green Trade Project Office
Date: 2020/08/31
Introduction: After years of efforts in developing ASEAN countries, Everlight recently has a new approach for these important markets. With the assistance from... more
Green Trade Project Office
Date: 2020/05/07
Introduction: Due to the recent and increasing travel restrictions impacting industry participation and new travel measures enacted by the Thailand’s health... more
Date: 2020/03/06
Introduction: Comparing with centralized large power grid, micro grid is relatively a small sized, regionalized concept. The development of micro grid has a long... more