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Date: 2021/12/28
Introduction: Imminent, formidable and annihilable are the adjectives for the impacts of global warming on the earth. The nature ultimately backfires as the... more
Date: 2021/11/05
Introduction: Circular Economy Taiwan Pavilion engages with international visitors at IGEM Virtual, as recycling economy gains in popularity According to... more
Date: 2021/08/10
Introduction: The Micro-Grid basic systems in Taiwan include renewable energy, energy storage system (ESS), diesel generators and micro-grid energy management... more
Date: 2021/07/21
Introduction: The friendly interaction between humans and the environment is even more important as the COVID-19 is spreading globally.Considering the health of... more
Date: 2021/06/09
Introduction:   Taiwan not only invented bubble tea that has created a global phenomenon, one of the country’s vibrant startup firms has also come up... more