Date: 2017/06/28
Introduction: The 29th Summer Universiade will take place in Taipei, Taiwan from Aug. 19-30, 2017. This is the biggest international sport event ever to... more
Date: 2017/06/28
Introduction: In Taiwan, around 200 thousand tons of waste glass are produced every year. Around 70 percent of which are processed by Spring Pool Glass Industrial... more
Date: 2017/06/28
Introduction: Waste tires is a global problem, but recycling them is not difficult. The real difficulty lies in balancing sustainable tire production with... more
Date: 2017/05/03
Introduction: This year, the Green Trade Project Office (GTPO) set up a Green Product Zone at this year’s Sourcing Taiwan, held on March 29. With the... more
Date: 2017/03/24
Introduction: Wang Yuan-Hong, manager of Sunfly Solar Energy, explain that “Daylight Tubular Device LED”, or DTD, is using natural light as indoor... more