AllGreen-Granite Multi-Colour Coating Series

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AllGreen-Granite Multi-Colour Coating Series
Environmental Performance:
1. Nontoxic pure water formulation which complies with the environment requirements has been certified by the National Green Building Material Label.
2. High anti-weathering performance with more than 15 years longevity, more durable than traditional paints.
3. The product has received the compliance test report of Rosh specification published by EU in 2008.
Product Performance:
1. "Spring green” colorful granite paint series products are produced by using the nano technology. They are purely water-based colorful primary materials for use by a single paint –spray gun.
2. The single primary material can distribute more than ten different colors and can be combined with various color grains of different sizes depending on the needs to resemble the granite, making it look like almost a real one.
3. According to the size of the color pattern, the primary material products can be divided into three specifications as big granite-like color, star granite-like color and soft granite-like color.
Chemsearch Technology Co., Ltd.
Available in: Asia
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