Common bricks

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Common bricks
Environmental Performance:
Common bricks have green building materials label certified by the committee of GBM. It uses construction wastes, sludge and waste glasses those are considering non-economical values and dealed with high social cost.
Using waste materials to product common bricks have three economic performances, solve construction(industrial) wastes with low-deal-cost , create recycling system of waste and reduce low-carbon concrete to improve life enviroment. Using recycling materials also meet the Government policy of saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide.
Product Performance:
The main features:
1.Good fireproof effect.
2.high sound insulation performance.
3.thermal resistance.
4.compressive strength.
The purposes: interior walls or brick-walls.
2.traditional building, park or ancient monument fixing.
3.brick-walls decoration and brick path.
Chun Hsin Chi Industry Co., Ltd.
Available in: Taiwan、
Product Model:
chc-3 types of brick sgb200
Product Classification:
Environ. Characteristic: