Diacrete Wood-Wool Cement Board

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Diacrete Wood-Wool Cement Board
Environmental Performance:

*DIACRETE can gives people a safer, healthier, and more comfortable living, so we continue to engage in multi-faceted improvement and innovation on DIACRETE. Except acoustic ceilings and walls,we also have integrated new technology to develop “DIACRETE-Motif” series to enrich people’s living.
* It's the best encourage to us to have the Green Building Material Label certification in Taiwan for its great performance in enhancing people’s living and protecting environment.
* People’s living has never been separated from the nature. We have infused our attention for the nature as well as ecological design into our DAICRETE. We hope that due to DIACRETE, the future of living space can be more delightful, comfortable and healthy.

Product Performance:

Fire-proof / Heat-insulation / humidity-control / sound absorption and insulation / long lifespan

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Available in: Taiwan、China、Hong Kong、Singapore、Vietnam、Southeast Asia、
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