DURAPIXEL Smart Panel Series

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DURAPIXEL Smart Panel Series
Environmental Performance:
SLO 1568 open frame LCD display, built-in 1600 nits high brightness for sunlight readable application. Features wide operating temperature, high brightness, AOT optical bonding, touch screen capable, and customized mechanical design; fulfill the demand for extreme environments. It offers the best visibility, performance and cost effective value. The high level of brightness together with fast response time and LED backlight technology, the monitor brings remarkable display quality. And guaranteeing product life cycle longevity, stability, and reliability. Perfectly suitable for kiosk, ATM, POS, marline, military, medical, transportation, and outdoor industrial application. Key Features: - Sunlight Readable - LED Backlight - High Shock & Vibration Resistance - Low Power Consumption - Wide Temperature. Range (-20°C_70°C) - High Uniformity (90%) - Low EMI Noise - Wide Dimming - Life Expectancy (70,000hrs)
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