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ECO Service
Environmental Performance:
Integration of the environmental management system including ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 14064 since 2012 and establishment of environmental & energy management performance indexes that covers all aspects of operations, carbon emission of approximately 19,014 tCO2e during 2012-2013 had been reduced, which is equivalent to the carbon reduction of 51 Da-an Forest Park.
Product Performance:
1.Elevated sustainable development of the Taiwan service industry to a whole new level with ECO Service core values: Cultural Imperative, Technology, Environmentally friendly, Emotional connection and Trust.
*2.Online service: Unique “CI Mobile App” provides cell phone boarding pass downloading at 15 airport worldwide. The most effective App among all Taiwan airlines with more than 94,000 usage in 2013.
*3.Airport service: More than 50% average usage of the Self check-in kiosk. The most successful case of electronic-boarding service in Taiwan.
*4.VIP lounge: Promotes local ingredient and carbon disclosure for catering service and implementation of waste recycling.
*5.In-flight service: Enhance fuel efficiency, weight reduction and waste reduction. Environmental communication with passengers.
China Airlines Ltd.
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ISO 50001-英國標準協會台灣分公司