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Reduce industrial power usage & CO2 emission TO use energy efficiently

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Top Gin Energy Saving Module changes the operation frequency of the motor, which may save 20 percent of energy and save the cost Available for the new or original machine without drastic circuit modification or motor change Decreasing the motor’s starting current; the contract capacity may be properly down-regulated. Raising power factor (98%~100%). Enjoy more refunded power charges. Low rotation and high speed; the monetary response is 0.01 second; better energy-saving effects Smooth operation which reduces noises, eliminating hydraulic impact and reducing the accident rate of the equipment Lowering hydraulic oil temperature and increasing the life of oil products, oil seals and relevant materials; the oil temperature decreases 5 to 10 degrees. The operation methods before and after the reconfiguration are identical and the retraining is not necessary. The operational parameters are changeable according to the conditions of the equipment. The production capacity is thus raised and the power charged is saved. (10Hz~60Hz), the lowest frequency is 4.8Hz, with the lowest rpm of pump. The motor during the period of cooling and packing may greatly reduce more than 95 percent of current

Shangchin Electronics Corp.
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