EPnS Water-Based Clear Sealer EP-001 Type II

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EPnS Water-Based Clear Sealer EP-001 Type II
Environmental Performance:
1. Free of any of the eight major heavy metals, formaldehyde, benzene solvents, or other toxic substances. SGS tested to be in conformity with the highest level environmental protection standards such as the E0 Standard of the European Union and the F1 Standard of Japan.
2. Will not produce any pungent odor or make any negative impact on the environment of the construction site during application.
Product Performance:
1. A liquid paint ready for use without need to add any thinner. Therefore, the effort and time otherwise required for adding a thinner on site is spared.
2. Easy to sand. Excellent gap-filling ability. High paint film fullness (good film build).
3. Surface dries in ten minutes (at 25C and 50% relative humidity).
4. Re-paintable or be sanded in one hour (at 25C and 50% relative humidity).
5. No white fog phenomenon when applied on a rainy (high relative humidity) day; therefore, application efficiency will not be affected.
Yon Chun Ho International Co., Ltd.
Available in: Taiwan, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, India
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